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  • $ 550

This service is an E-mail tune which is based on an exchange of emails and 1-2 revisions per day.

We have had a large number of customers requesting tuning support that do not have readily available access to a dyno and this service is meant to help support those in that situation.

  • Once you purchase this service, you will receive an email from us asking for specifics on your setup within 1 business day.
  • We will send you a base tune file for your setup and a list of what we need datalogged.
  • You then load the file to your vehicle, datalog and do a pull, and email the datalog back to us.
  • Based on what we see in the datalog, we will revise the file and send a new file back to you. 
  • This process continues until the tune is complete which may take up to 7 revisions.