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You don’t have to worry about nasty needle bearings escaping into your engine anymore! We have a high performance, high RPM solution! CHE Precision offers an LS/LT Trunnion Kit upgrade designed to improve the life and performance of your engine.

It is compatible with stock and aftermarket rocker bolts and the easy assembly kit requires only snap ring pliers and lube. The kit includes 16 hardened-steel trunnions, 32 bronze bushings, and 32 retainer clips.

By replacing the stock caged roller bearing assembly with CHE’s uniquely designed kit, the low-mass rotating weight is maintained, while providing superior reliability for high RPM LS race engines. With 35+ years of industry experience, CHE has developed its own proprietary material that has revolutionized the industry by setting a new standard for wear and performance.

The trunnion bushings are made of this proprietary bronze material, with superior oil-grooving technology, and provide substantially more load-bearing strength along with maximum lubrication.