TPR Billet 5 Point Main Girdle fits Honda/Acura B Series

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The TPR 5 MAIN GIRDLE provides the necessary strength and rigidity for high horsepower B series motors. Evidence shows, from years of inspecting bearing wear patterns and finding stress fractures in B series blocks, that a full stud girdle is needed. After all, Honda went to a full girdle in the F23 and progressed to a split case on the K series as horsepower increased. Cast-in sleeves act as structural members in the strength of the engine block maintaining bearing alignment, so the TPR 5 MAIN GIRDLE is excellent for those motors with cast-in sleeves. Our girdle, forming a truss connecting all 5 journals and the ends of the block, will more than double the strength. This CNC billet girdle fits all B18C blocks and fits under a GSR oil pan to eliminate header interference.
* Requirements:
* -ARP Main stud kit (included)
* -B18C or aftermarket oil pan and pick-up.
* -Machining caps and align- honing

Clears Aluminum Rods (GRP and BME)

Custom ARP Main Stud Kit 

10 Dowel Pins (where applicable)

ARP Moly Lube