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Air-Oil Separator, Small Body Kit, Chevy Corvette C7, Non Z06, 2014-Up

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From the factory, a vehicle’s PCV system vents excess crankcase vapors, residual oil and moisture back into the intake manifold which compromises performance and durability

  • Our Air/Oil Separator plumbs inline of the PCV system and captures the excess crankcase vapors, residual oil and moisture
  • Removing this oil mist before it reenters the engine; reduces detonation, deposits on the intake track including the valves themselves. During the combustion process the presence of oil mist or vapors can affect the octane rating of fuel, because of contamination
  • Increases engine performance from cleaner intake air
  • Air-Oil Separators have billet aluminum bodies with internal baffling and mesh media
  • Includes heavy duty brass inlet and outlet fittings, Fuel/Emission/PCV Vapor hose for plumbing the Air-Oil Separator inline, stainless steel mounting bracket and billet aluminum mounting clamp for the body of the separator
  • The two piece body of the Air-Oil Separator unscrews for cleaning and draining
  • Billet Aluminum body is available in black anodized finish also available on our website.