Akrapovic 06-11 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6/ZR1 (C6) Evolution Line Cat Back (SS) (Req. Tips)

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Akrapovic 06-11 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6/ZR1 (C6) Evolution Line Cat Back (SS) (Req. Tips) **TIPS NOT INCLUDED**

Product Description

The Ultimate Exhaust System For Z06 & ZR1

For C6 Z06 and ZR1 owners, the Akrapovic Exhaust is the very best build axle-back system on the market today that includes baffles for dual-mode functionality. No other exhaust manufacturer goes to such lengths to produce oem-quality systems that enhance the sound and performance of the cars that use their systems. So good is the quality that oem manufacturers like BMW & Porsche have come to Akrapovic to build their exhausts for their race cars and race bikes. Beautifully made from Stainless steel, the Akrapovic Z06 & ZR1 exhaust systems not only look great and sound mean, they reduce unsprung weight by significant margins for added performance enhancement.

Corvette owners who have heard a Z06 or ZR1 with the Akrapovic exhaust have described the sound as “very unique” and “exotic.” There is a subtle difference that makes the sound of this corvette exhaust system special. Depending on your mods you may get drone, but many have said it’s bearable. Plus, the Akrapovic ZR1 & Z06 exhaust uses the oem actuators to open and close flaps inside the exhaust system, giving you oem-like functionality so you can shut up the LS7 or LS9 when cruising and open it up when you start to accelerate hard and go past about 3,000 rpm.  NOTE:  You will need to REUSE your oem exhaust actuators on this system – simply remove them from your oem system and attach them to the Akrapovic system for true dual-mode performance!

Besides the incredible quality of the exhaust systems, the Akrapovic Z06 & ZR1 exhaust systems will draw a crowd at any car show. They have an awesome, bold look with the huge 115mm or 125mm tips, available in either Titanium or genuine Carbon Fiber. Choose the look that’s best for your Corvette Z06 or ZR1.