Alkycontrol Methanol Injection 4th gen Camaro Firebird

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Alkycontrol Methanol Injection kit for the 4th gen F-body. 1993-2002. This is the best kit on the market for the 4th gen F-body. 

Modified Pump 250+ PSI on M15 and water with cover to prevent any water from intruding into pump

Progressive controller preset for the LS based platform.

Can use 100% methanol and/or any mix thereof with water.

GM Delco 2 bar MAP sensor with regulator to read boost and supply signal to controller. Same sensor can be utilized for SD conversions.

3 Teflon lined braided hoses with pressed on ends custom length. Hose feature AN fittings. Meaning a wrench is needed to install and secure hoses. No push-in deal.

Includes a modified OEM factory reservoir which features a bulkhead fitting, low level float switch, custom breather cap, and custom tank plug.