C7 Corvette Auxiliary Port Injection Control Unit (Auxiliary Control Module (ACM)

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• Port injection control, full closed loop with optional dual channel CAN widebands, fuel pressure compensation with optional fuel pressure sensor
• Full flex fuel control, requires wiring of standard flex sensor to factory ECU and ACM
• Multiple fuel pump staging with fuel pump prime feature (useful for new Fore Innovations pump hangers which require button priming which can be forgotten resulting in HPFP damage)
• Methanol control eliminating the use of a separate controller and hobbs switch
• Nitrous control, multi stage, progressive or standard, closed loop control with optional dual channel CAN widebands and nitrous pressure sensor
• On the fly 5-map selection with optional I-Boost switch
• Boost control, standard and C02, requires optional boost solenoid(s)
• Easily navigable and straight forward software interface.