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RISK Premium EVO RR15BSXC Spark Plug. 

14mm thread, 1" (25mm) reach, 5/8'(16mm) hex, tapered seat, projected tip, resistor, 2.0mm center electrode., Patented laser deposited auxillary electrode, and multiple tapered ground electrodes. (see images) 

Our Brisk Premium Evo Design spark plugs features a Unique Patented Laser Technology auxiliary electrode at the tip of the insulator formed using the patented technology of laser deposition. This auxiliary electrode is similar to what is used in our Premium Multi-Spark design except with the new laser deposit technology we are able to make this auxiliary electrode much more durable, while still offering a multiple spark discharge. The Premium Evo design also features a series of tapered ground electrodes surrounding the ceramic in 360 degrees, implimenting multiple ground electrodes greatly extends the lifespan of the plug as well as it offers a point of contact where the cylinder pressures are the lowest (path of least resistance). 

The Brisk Premium Evo Design unique firing design better utilizes the fuel energy, increases fuel efficiency and helps eliminate combustion imperfections with new and old engines. The patented coating technology of the auxiliary electrode at the tip of the insulator ensures the unique properties of the spark plugs. Aligning each medium indicated pressures and displacements of their diameter to the upper limit ultimately increases engine power (horsepower). Reduced demand on voltage supplied by the ignition system makes this plug a great fit for a wide variety of applications.