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C&R Aftermarket Radiator for '16-'17 Camaro SS

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C & R Performance introduces a revolutionary advancement in cooling technology with their all-new extruded tube aluminum radiator that features a reinforced race fin design. Additionally, C & R's exclusive, reinforced race fin design is cross-braced for maximum strength and durability and features an aluminum fin that has a unique shape and the leading edge is hemmed for more durability and added cooling. It is that exclusive reinforced extruded tube that allows C & R Performance aluminum radiators to have a 100 PSI burst rating, more than triple the burst pressure of any other performance aluminum radiator in the world.Using current F1 and NASCAR cooling technology, C&R extruded tube core has reinforced corner sub headers for unequalled strength. Accepts C&R fan module using Spal 11"" high performance fans and aluminum fan mount that is cnc water jetted and bolts to the radiator using race fastners, no add on fan brackets are used. C&R fan mount will not allow the fan to move around on the radiator.This radiator module will stand up to 1000 hp.Extruded Aluminum 55mm12 4mm wide tubes. Race fin that allows more contact area of the coolant tube and more airflow thru the fin. Hemmed leading edge fin for stronger fin. Will not fold over as easy as regular fin cores. 100 psi burst pressure. Corner sub headers for increased strength.Spal hi perfromance fans already mounted to radiator. Will cool up to 1000 hp. OE fit for easy installation. Includes factory core support mounts.

2016 - 2017 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Inlet Location: Upper passenger side
Inlet Size: 1.31 in
Outlet Size: 1.31 in
Outlet Location: Lower passenger side