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Nissan Genuine OEM VR38DETT Bare Engine Block Assembly

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This is a new engine block from Nissan.  It is the block only, and does not include anything else like crankshaft, rods, pistons, heads, oil pump, or any other items.

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Product Details

Nissan Genuine OEM VR38DETT Bare Engine Block Assembly

The VR is a 3.8 L twin-turbo DOHC V6 automobile engine from Nissan. An evolution of the widely successful VQ series, it draws on developments from the Nissan VRH JGTC and R390 GT1 Le Mans racing engines. This engine block is at the heart of many winning race cars and has lived up to incredible abuse on the track. 

Due to shipping and/or special pricing, please call us to special order this block.

Engine Specs:

  • Displacement: 3,799 cc (3.8 L; 231.8 cu in)
  • Weight: approx. 200 lbs (272.16 kg)
  • Bore: 95.5 mm (3.76 in)
  • Stroke: 88.4 mm (3.48 in)
  • Compresion Ratio: 9.0:1
  • Max power: approx. 485 PS - 550 PS at 6,400 rpm
  • Max Torque: 434 lb·ft - 466 lb·ft from 3,200–6,000 rpm