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STAGE 4 C6 SUPERCHARGED Performance Package P715

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  • $ 18,995

◾A&A or ECS Supercharger System

◾Mast CNC Cylinder Heads

◾GM LS3 Rocker Arms

◾TPR BMF Custom Camshaft

◾Dual Spring Kit w/TI retainers

◾Hardened Pushrods

◾Trunion Upgrade for stock rocker arms

◾Katech C5R Timing Chain

◾Hi Volume Oil Pump

◾ARP Cam Bolts

◾GM Crank Bolt

◾All Gaskets & Seals

◾ATI Damper

◾Upgraded Aluminum Radiator

◾Upgraded GM 3 Bar MAP Sensor

◾High Flow Fuel Injectors

◾Fuel Pump Boost A Pump 

◾Stainless long tube header system with CATTED X pipe

◾GM MLS Exhaust manifold gaskets

◾160* Thermostat

◾Billet Catch Can with Fittings/Lines

◾NGK TR6 Spark Plugs

◾Amsoil Performance Engine Oil 

◾AC Delco Oil Filter

◾DexCool Coolant

◾Royal Purple ICE 

◾Complete/Professional Installation

◾Custom ECU Calibration- Street & Dyno

◾Before/After Dyno Print Out

◾Limited Warranty