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Turbo Extreme Race Short Block Package 427cid – 9.7:1 C.R. ERL Superdeck 6-Bolt -Aluminum LS Block

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LS Superdeck I Short Block combines our legendary Superdeck I block with a bullet proof rotating assembly of up to 454 CI. This is the perfect short block for forced induction, nitrous and high performance N/A racing engines. The truss design of the ERL SUPERDECK I adds unmatched strength and stability to the bock and deck surface. The truss design (shown in the pictures above) involves connecting each pair of head bolts through an aluminum truss. This truss allows the load to be shared across the deck surface minimizing deck deflection. The ERL sleeves are significantly longer and thicker than stock sleeves, this allows for up to a 4.125” stroke and a 4.185” bore. The 6 bolt Superdeck I Short blocks are available with the ultimate in rotating parts with Callies Ultra Billet Rods, Callies Crankshaft and Wiseco or Ross pistons. These short blocks are capable of producing up to 1500HP. ARP main stud kit included and installed.


Product Information Description

Turbo Extreme Race Short Block Package 427cid – 9.7:1 C.R. Superdeck 6-Bolt -Aluminum LS Block

Pistons-Wiseco 4.125″ Bore Compression Ratio 9.7:1

Rods-Callies Ultra Billet I-Beam

Crank-Callies Dragon Slayer 4.000″ Stroke Horse Power Moderate Rating 1200hp

Upgrades Included-Coated Main and Rod Bearings, Drill & Tap for 1/2″ head Studs ( Includes ARP 1/2″ head stud kit), ERL valley Window Bays for Lifter Access, Piston Lateral Gas Ports, Upgrade Wrist Pins, Upgraded Ring Pack, Wiseco Piston Armor Plating.


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Assembly Process-Assembled and Inspected Through Out the Process, NOT A Production Line Final Cleaning of All Passageways and All Components Torque and Bore Gage Rods for Spec. and Bearing Clearance Torque and Bore Gage Main Journals for Spec. and Bearing Clearance Check Pin Fit on Piston and Rod Small End FILE- FIT Each Piston Ring to Each Cylinder for Proper Gap for Application Measure All Main and Rod Journals on Crank for Spec. Measure All Main and Rod Bearings for Thickness Match Bearings to Journal for Optimum Clearance and Oil Control (NOT PLASTIGAGE Where False Readings Can Occur) Assemble Short Block Using Dedicated Ring Compressors, Mitutoyo Inspection Tools and Calibrated Torque Wrenches All Bearings Coated with Assembly Lube to Avoid Dry Start Up Fully Blueprinted Short Block Seal in Bag and Coat with WD-40 for Shipment