Ultra 40 Custom Fit Wire Set, Black Wire, Sleeved, For GM LS Series All Billet Aluminum Valve Covers with coils mounted to valve covers

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You have the Moroso all billet aluminum GM LS valve covers, why use any other spark plug wire than the Moroso Ultra 40 Sleeved sets that were designed to be used with these valve covers?

  • For Moroso Part Nos. 68470 and 68472 All Billet Aluminum Valve Covers that have the integral coil pack mounts that accept LS2, LS3, LS7, & L98 style coils
  • Wire Sets are constructed out of Moroso ULTRA 40, 7 mm Dia. Ignition Wire with 40 ohms of resistance per foot
  • The black wire sets are sleeved which extends spark plug life and protects against exhaust header heat, chaffing and contaminants
  • Sleeving also adds extra dielectric strength which is wire’s ability to not to be affected by outside electrical pulses
  • Each wire is terminated with heavy duty, high temperature, easy-pull/positive engagement spark plug boots and on the other end with matching coil boots
  • Complete, ready to install